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POPBIO2017 Proceedings

There will be a SPECIAL FEATURE of Basic and Applied Ecology (BAAE), the Journal of the Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland (GFÖ) honoring the 30th anniversary of the PopBio Conference in 2017. Selected, peer-reviewed papers of work presented at PopBio 2017 will be published in a Special Feature entitled "30 Years PopBio – Plant Population Biology in a Changing World".

Keynote, oral, and poster presenters at the conference are invited to submit full manuscripts, original work and reviews, for inclusion in the Special Feature. Contents of the submitted manuscripts should be related to, but do not have to be completely concordant with what the author(s) present at the conference.

All manuscripts will be subject to the journal's usual process of evaluation. Please note that acceptance of an abstract in the conference program does not imply acceptance of an accompanying manuscript for publication in the Special Feature.

Manuscripts can be submitted from 20th of May 2017; the closing date for submissions will be 1st of July 2017.

Your manuscript must be prepared according to the journal's Guide for Authors, which can be found on the journal website. Detailed information on the journal is also available on the website.

Manuscripts for the Special Feature must be submitted online, using Elsevier's electronic submission system (EES), at https://www.evise.com/profile/#/BAAE/login. Please do not attempt to submit your manuscript prior to 20th of May 2017. When submitting your manuscript, please indicate in the cover letter as well as at the Title Page that you are submitting for the PopBio 2017 Special Feature.


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