PopBio2017 Halle Germany Canas 2015 – Programm

POPBIO2017    Population Biology in a Changing World

30th Conference of the Plant Population Biology Section of the Ecological Society of

Germany, Austria and Switzerland | GfÖ              18–20 May 2017 | Halle / Saale | Germany





Roberto Salguero-Gómez |  The University of Oxford, UK

Life history currencies shape plant population performance worldwide

Erin Mordecai | Department of Biology, Stanford University, USA

Impact of pathogens on plant species diversity in grassland communities

Jeff Ollerton | Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology, University of Northampton

The macroecology of wind and animal pollination

Steve Keller |  Department of Plant Biology at the University of Vermont, USA

Climate adaptation past, present, and future: new insights from combining genomics and spatial modeling in forest trees

Jane Catford | Centre for Biological Sciences, University of Southampton, UK

Using community ecology to understand invasive species and their impacts


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